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Meet Robin Buttler

Robin Buttler identifies her purpose in life as empowering people to become unstuck; to move into their desired destinies. Through speaking, coaching, mentor coaching, and training she delivers encouragement, instruction, and empowerment to those who fit that description. Her deepest desire is to move people into their destiny of fulfilled goals and dreams.


She received her coaching certification in 2010 through Dream Releaser Coaching and serves as their Chief Operating Officer and Master Trainer. She has successfully conducted training for coaches, coach trainers, and spoken at numerous summits.  She completed the John Maxwell Certification Program of coaching in 2012. She is the owner of Step Forward Coaching, where she impacts people with her catchphrase, “Step forward; a new path awaits you!” 


She holds the credentialed position as a Professional Certified Coach through The International Coach Federation (ICF).  This position affords her the authorization to provide the required mentoring for those wanting to be credentialed through the ICF.  


Robin gains her greatest fulfillment from exhorting, encouraging and training others through motivational speaking and teaching at workshops, conferences, summits, retreats, and podcasts. 

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