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I could barely stand to answer the phone.

I had spent about 8 months praying about the direction my life needed to take. I was in a complacent season and I was smart enough to know that this wasn't the time to do anything crazy. My brother told me once that I should never buy a puppy or get a tattoo when going through a difficult time. He was right. I didn't get the tattoo, but the puppy is now a 5 lb. chorkie named Ella Jane, and she is a lot of work!

Back to my story - I was in a dilemma, of sorts. My heart was so passionate for people and wanting to see their lives changed and their dreams to come true. At the same time I must admit that I was burdened. I was so humbled when someone would land in my office to talk, or when my phone would ring with someone I loved on the other end needing my help. There were a lot of years full of fulfillment in being able to help so many people. But as the years passed, I became more burdened than fulfilled; possibly even a little more prideful than humbled. It wasn't that I was arrogant about being someone that people could turn to, it was more in taking pride in having their answer. With some people it seemed that I was helpful. But with most, it seemed that the same patterns would repeat themselves; none of my suggestions were making a change.

The problem I had was that I felt if they came to me, then I must have their answer, right? I mean, if they saw something in me that made them assume I could help them, wasn't it really my responsibility to do so? While I never meant to become the crutch, I didn't know how to help them without aiding and abetting their choices. Over and over I would deliver what I hoped to be sound advice, but I wasn't a licensed counselor. I was just a girl with some life experience and a heart to exhort and empower others. I finally landed in a place where I could barely stand to answer my phone. I couldn't understand why I had such a passion to see people empowered and moving forward, yet felt overwhelmed by it all.

Later that year I was approached with the opportunity to be trained as a life coach through Dream Releaser Coaching, founded by Drs. Sam and Brenda Chand. I went through the training with the plan to have an additional income stream and something to rejuvenate my life. Little did I know that it would change me forever! My heart swung wide with the renewed passion to once again empower those around me. But this time, my approach was MUCH different. Rather than feeling the responsibility to have their answers, I had the privilege to have their question. You see, coaching isn't about the coach making suggestions or giving advice. Coaching is sitting across from an AMAZING person, knowing that they are more than capable to solve their own issues, make their own changes, see their own dreams come true. I need only to know how to ask the powerful questions that allow them to set goals, admit reality, identify opportunities and increase their willingness to see it all move forward into their desired results. I no longer had to have their answers; I only had to have their questions.

Seven years later, I can say that there isn't a day that passes by that I don't feel fulfilled due to becoming a life coach and speaker. My privilege is to provide a safe atmosphere where someone seeking direction within their decision-making can be open, honest and take the time to process what has been holding them back. Nothing is more satisfying and fulfilling than seeing that person reach their goal and feel that accomplishment within themselves.

As my coaching tagline states, "step forward; a new path awaits you!"

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