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Why do I do this?

Robin Buttler, Master Certified Coach

Founder, Step Forward Coaching​


     Years of ministry had brought me to a place of chairs in my office filled with people wanting answers.  I was approachable (apparently) and always had a great line of encouragement for anyone who was feeling down.  The only problem was that they would pour out their heart to me, and I, in return would pour out my heart to them.  I was full of suggestions, advice, counsel, experiences and answers.  They were full of wanting to be free of their conflicts and obstacles, but not really willing to heed my advice.  They would leave my office feeling better, having downloaded their dilemma.  I, however, was left feeling burdened and responsible.  I wanted to fix them.  I had to, right?  WRONG!!!

     In 2010, I was introduced to Dream Releaser Coaching (DRC), founded by Drs. Sam and Brenda Chand.  I received a full year of training and became a Master Certified Coach and Trainer.  My life was changed forever!  Through my training, I discovered the beautiful empowerment of coaching.  Instead of having the answers; I was equipped to ask the questions that would extract the answer from within the ones seeking my advice. 

     As of June, 2017, I became a member of The International Coach Federation and credentialed through them as an Associate Certified Coach and later as a Professional Certified Coach. 

     Since then, my heart's motivation has been to exhort, encourage and empower people to step forward onto a new path!  I do this through coaching, group coaching, motivational speaking and conferences.  I am a confidently humble woman who loves to speak into the lives of others.  

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