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Purposeful Hope // 6/9/23

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where hope is a little difficult to locate. It’s easier, instead, to take a look at the long list in front of us that contains so many things that aren’t going the way we had hoped or planned. I have learned the detriment of anticipatory stress. Focusing on what could go wrong is something that robs us of our faith, hope and joy. As much as I believe it’s smart to be realistic, I also understand that often what we consider being realistic is actually having the mindset that can’t see the shift that could take place and change everything for the better.

I am not going to sit here and pretend that all is well all the time. But I can tell you that what has to shift is perspective. There is always going to be a list of things that we wish were different. People that we wish would’ve treated us differently, responded kindly. Car repairs that we wish hadn’t been so expensive, family discussions that we wish hadn’t gotten heated. There will always be something that isn’t hopeful. But what IS hopeful? What about your life and its surroundings actually DO bring you hope?

What about the relationship that DID turn around to be better than you thought? What about the stability you have in your job? What about the beautiful flowers in your yard? What about the moon and sun that are shining daily? What about the fact that every single day you wake up with another opportunity to see the good in this life you’re living. Right now, focus on the first 3 things that pop into your mind that are positive and hopeful. Focusing on those may not cancel out the hardships, but it will definitely take away some of the punch.


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